Playing Poker with Lady Luck

Money won is twice as sweet as money earned, or so says the proverb. Serious poker players however will tell you that money won in poker over any consistent length of time is almost always money earned. Certainly lady luck smiles upon the random neophyte from time to time and on any given day a broken clock is correct twice but make no mistake, mastery of the skills of poker put you in an ever smaller circle of competitors who continually and progressively perform better than others.

That both luck and skill in concert is what makes the game so intriguing to begin with has never really been in doubt, but the driving question is if one overshadows the other. Just as a case can be made in golf that luck can effect the outcome of a tournament, we find the same names in the top 10% of players over the course of a few seasons. Anyone can log in, play a couple of hands and walk away a winner. They may claim that luck was on their side, but if that same player was to play daily over the course of a year (with no deep skill set) they would find that lady luck had left them high and dry.

This then is the rule, learn the game. Rely on skill, mastery of strategies and consistent experience to know poker on a deep and nuanced level. When fortune does smile upon you, enjoy it, savor it, but know that it is your expertise that will sustain you over the long haul. Luck is not a strategy, it is a random kindness from the universe, competence however will usually (not always) bring you to your desired destination. Driving blind is not wise, just remember that even skilled drivers sometimes crash. To know more read on agen poker online.

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